June 29, 2017  
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IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks 2017/2018 now available! IT budget, IT spending, IT metrics, benchmarks, and more.
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IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks 2017/2018: Full Study
June, 2017
Our 2017/2018 IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study provides a comprehensive view of the current state of IT budgeting and staffing levels for business and governmental organizations in the U.S. and Canada, based on our 28th annual survey. Detailed metrics are provided by organization size and by industry sector. This article allows purchase of all 28 chapters at a significant discount off the individual chapter price. Individual chapters are also available for purchase - click the Full Study Description below for details. (1,588 pp., 1,004 figs.)
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Communications System Support Staffing Ratios
June, 2017
Corporate communications systems—which include email, messaging, telephony, videoconferencing, unified communications, and other communications systems—are becoming more sophisticated and powerful. Yet communications system support headcount as a percentage of the IT staff has remained relatively steady and may even be shrinking. This study uses three metrics to make that assessment: support staff as a percentage of the IT staff, percentage of support staff in relation to organization size, and support staff spending per user. We provide benchmarks for the composite sample, by organization size, and by sector. (18 pp., 7 fig.)
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Security Incident Management Adoption Trends
May, 2017
Computer Economics research shows that security incident management as a best practice is only moderately mature. Despite the escalation in threat levels over the past few years, many companies are choosing to operate with informal management of security incidents. In this study, we introduce this best practice and look at adoption trends by organization size and sector. We also introduce some providers of security incident management systems and services. (14 pp., 5 fig.)
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ERP Support Staffing Ratios
May, 2017
Optimizing ERP support is essential for managing the overall level of IT staffing. In this study, we analyze ERP support requirements by means of a simple ratio: the number of ERP users per ERP support staff member. We assess this ratio by size of installation, sector, maturity of installation, and upgrade frequency. We then compare ratios specifically for SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle J.D. Edwards, Microsoft, and Infor. Finally, we provide recommendations for optimizing ERP staffing levels. (16 pp., 6 fig.)
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SaaS Adoption Trends and Customer Experience
May, 2017
Software as a Service (SaaS) has quickly become an attractive alternative to on-premises deployment, and in many categories already it has surpassed on-premises software in terms of new sales. This study quantifies the current investment trends for SaaS and identifies the benefits driving companies to expand their SaaS implementations. It also identifies which of a wide variety of SaaS applications are driving adoption and assesses adoption and investment trends by organization size and geography. Finally, we examine the positive ROI and TCO experience of adopters and conclude with practical advice for those considering deployment of SaaS solutions. (25 pp., 11 fig.)
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Website/E-Commerce Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience
April, 2017
Website and e-commerce outsourcing is one of the most ubiquitous forms of outsourcing. To help IT executives better assess their options, this report analyzes the percentage of organizations outsourcing website and e-commerce operations (frequency), the average amount of work outsourced (level), and the change to the amount of work being outsourced (net growth trend). We also present data on cost and service experience and on how these trends differ by organization size and sector. (16 pp., 8 fig.)
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Business and Data Analytics Adoption Trends and Customer Experience
April, 2017
Business and data analytics solutions have moved beyond monitoring business activity to making predictions about customers, products, and markets. This study examines adoption and investment trends for business and data analytics of all types, providing insight into how many organizations have the technology in place, how many are implementing it, and how many are expanding investments in new capabilities. To give additional insight, we look at the ROI and TCO experience of those that have adopted the technology, and we assess what types of solutions are being adopted. (19 pp., 9 fig.)
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Vendor Discount Report (April 2017)
April, 2017
Market intelligence on current discounting practices for business equipment can be difficult obtain. As a result, buyers do not know whether a better deal can be negotiated. This updated report, based on our knowledge of recent deals, provides buyers with guidance concerning current discount structures on a variety of equipment. Categories include IT equipment (desktops, laptops, network equipment, printers, servers, and storage), office equipment (copiers, mail equipment), forklifts, medical equipment, test equipment, and miscellaneous equipment. Major vendors include IBM, HP, Dell, HP, Apple, and others. Includes a downloadable PDF workbook of more than 300 deals used in the report to calculate average discounts and soft cost statistics. (14pp., 21 figs.)

Technology Trends 2017
February, 2017
This major study provides insight into the customer experience and adoption rates for 12 technology initiatives that are top-of-mind for many companies. The study also delves into satisfaction of the customer experience and the specific types of solutions under consideration. With this information business leaders are in a better position to assess the potential risks and rewards of each of these technology initiatives. They also can gain insight into just how aggressively competitors and peers are making these investments. (97 pp., 86 figs.)
[Full Description and Sample Pages]
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2017 IT Salary Report
December, 2016
The Computer Economics 2017 IT Salary Report provides total compensation for 69 IT job functions for more than 400 U.S. metro areas and 20 industry sectors. The executive summary also provides our forecast for pay raises and hiring in 2017 and includes job descriptions for each job function. The salary tables are provided as a downloadable Microsoft Excel workbook, with total salaries reported at the 10th, 25th, 50th (median), 75th, and 90th percentiles. (28 pp., 5 figs., plus salary tables)
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[Full Description and Free Executive Summary]

IT Outsourcing Statistics 2016/2017
August, 2016
This major study profiles outsourcing activity for 10 IT functions: application development, application maintenance, data center operations, database administration, desktop support, disaster recovery services, help desk services, IT security, network operations, and web/e-commerce systems. For each IT function, we measure the frequency and level of outsourcing. We also look at the current plans of IT organizations to increase or decrease the amount of work they outsource.  We examine the customer experience to assess whether organizations are successfully lowering costs or improving service through outsourcing. Finally, we show the outsourcing frequency by sector for each function. (105 pp., 89 fig.)
Full Report Description
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