July 25, 2016  
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Help Desk Series Report Bundle

The IT help desk plays a critical role in improving user satisfaction and maintaining productivity throughout an organization. With proper management and investment in people, systems, and processes, the IT service desk can become the focal point for a smooth-running IT organization.

In this special publication, Computer Economics bundles three popular reports that deal with various aspects of help desk management. These reports are designed to guide IT managers in making critical decisions on investment in help desk operations and strategies.

This special bundle, packed with 30 figures and tables and 82 pages of analysis and data, is offered with a 50% discount from the total cost of these reports if purchased separately.

Download sample pages of this report, free.

Purchase the full report now (click for pricing, which includes the 50% discount):
IT Help Desk Management Series: Special Report Bundle

Report Description

The IT Help Desk Management Series includes the following three reports, which  provide a 360-degree view of service desk staffing,  outsourcing trends, and salaries.


The next report is the industry’s most definitive source of help-desk staffing benchmarks. It enables IT organizations to understand how they compare with like-organizations in the staffing of this important function.

Abstract: Demands on the help desk are changing with mobile technologies, expanded service desk responsibilities, and the desire to increase first-call resolution rates. This study provides metrics for benchmarking help desk staffing levels in the current environment. We look at the trend in help desk staffing over a four-year period and provide two benchmarks by organization size: help desk staff as a percent of the IT staff and users per help desk staff member. Because the end-user support function is organized in different ways, we also provide benchmarks for the combined help desk/desktop support staff. We conclude with recommendations on optimizing help desk staffing levels.

Fig. 1: Trend in Help Desk Staff as Percentage of IT Staff
Fig. 2: Help Desk Staff as Percentage of IT Staff
Fig. 3: Help Desk Staff as Percentage of IT Staff, by Organization Size
Fig. 4: End-User Support Staff as Percentage of IT Staff, by Organization Size
Fig. 5: Users per Help Desk Staff Member, by Organization Size
Fig. 6: Users per End-User Support Staff Member, by Organization Size
Fig. 7: Users per Help Desk Staff Member, by Sector
Fig. 8: Users per End-User Support Staff Member, by Sector
Fig. A: Key Demographics of Composite Sample

We next cover the subject of help desk outsourcing. Here we show how frequently IT managers today are embracing outsourcing as way to reduce costs, lower risk, or improve service consistency and how successful they are at achieving those goals.

Abstract: Companies can dramatically reduce costs through outsourcing the help desk function, but caution is advised. Service received by IT users can decline as well. In this study, we measure help desk outsourcing activity in four ways: outsourcing frequency, outsourcing amount, outsourcing cost experience, and outsourcing service experience. The study also examines the rate at which organizations use offshore service providers and the amount of work typically offshored. Finally, the report examines the five-year trend in help desk outsourcing frequency and amount to determine whether the outsourcing of this function is growing or shrinking.

Fig. 1: Outsourcing Profile: Help Desk
Fig. 2: Outsourcing Frequency 2009-2013: Help Desk
Fig. 3: Outsourcing Level: Help Desk
Fig. 4: Outsourcing Tend: Help Desk
Fig. 5: Outsourcing Cost Experience: Help Desk
Fig. 6: Outsourcing Service Experience: Help Desk
Fig. 7: Outsourcing Frequency and Level by Organization Size: Help Desk
Fig. 8: Outsourcing Frequency by Sector: Help Desk
Fig. A-1: Key Demographics of Survey Sample


We round out this series with our latest data on help desk salaries. This report provides base salary ranges for help desk representative levels I, II, and III. The following tables are abstracted from the Computer Economics 2013 IT Salary Report, which provides projected salary ranges for 69 specific IT job titles in more than 400 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Table 1: Help Desk Manager
Table 2: Help Desk Representative I
Table 3: Help Desk Representative II
Table 4: Help Desk Representative III

Download sample pages of this bundle, free.

Purchase the full report now (click for pricing, which includes the 50% discount):
IT Help Desk Management Series: Special Report Bundle


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