November 20, 2018  
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Sometimes a research report is not enough—you need expert assistance. Computer Economics consulting services combine our extensive research database with the knowledge of our analyst staff to provide benchmarking and other services tailored specifically to the needs of your organization.

IT Spending and Staffing Custom Benchmarking

Using the survey instrument that we deploy in our annual study, we gather detailed data on your organization's IT spending, IT staffing, and technology adoption ratios.

We then compare your organization's metrics against our most recent benchmarks for peer organizations, based on size and industry sector.

The result is a 50+ slide presentation showing how you stand against organizations in your industry sector as well as similarly sized organizations, along with our analysis of the variances.

We are happy to provide you with a free sample of our custom benchmarking deliverable and along with pricing information.

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Outsourcing Service Provider Contract Benchmarking

Any organization that is outsourcing some or all of its IT services should, routinely, benchmark those outsourcing contracts. Contract pricing and service levels are changing from year to year, whether for data center services, help desk, desktop support, application development, network services, or any other form of IT outsourcing. Pricing is further complicated by a multitude of factors, such as what services are included, where they are sourced, and who owns any assets. 

Moreover, outsourcing contracts are usually written for three-year, five-year, or even longer contract periods. Without benchmarking, you are likely to not be getting the best terms and conditions offered to new customers.

Computer Economics can arrange service provider contract benchmarking services.

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Business and IT Consulting Services

StrativaOur sister management consulting firm, Strativa, provides independent advice for business and technology decisions.

Our services include:

For more information, contact our sister consulting firm, Strativa.

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