October 21, 2018  
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Fair Market Values

Fair Market Value (FMV) is defined as the estimated amount, expressed in terms of money, that may reasonably be expected for the equipment, in exchange, between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither under any compulsion to buy or sell, with both parties reasonably cognizant of all relevant facts and circumstances.

Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV) is the estimated gross amount expressed in terms of money, that could be typically realized from a liquidation sale, given a reasonable period of time to find a purchaser, with the seller being compelled to sell on an as-is where-is basis, as of a specific date. No freight, installation or software charges are included in the values quoted for the equipment.

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Fair Market Values (Example)

Model Description End User Whsl OLV
3C16900A  SUPERSTACK II 1000 24 PORT  $ 380  $ 250  $ 130
3C16901A  SUPERSTACK II 1000 12 PT ETH 2 PT FETH TX SWC  480  350  180
3C16910  SUPERSTACK II 3800 LAYER 3, 24 PORT 10/100TX 3,630 2,900 1,450
3C16917  SS II SWITCH 3000 ATN 1,080 950 480
3C16925  SUPERSTACK II GIGABIT ETNET - 3000 1,310 1,050 530
3C16930 LINKSWITCH 1000/3000 ATM MOD 730 600 300
3C16940A SUPERSTACK II 3000 5 100BFX, 1-BTX 1,560 1,250 630

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