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Founded in 1979, Computer Economics provides metrics for IT management. We conduct original research and deliver advisory services on the strategic and financial management of information technology. Our clients include large and midsize IT organizations, major and midsize accounting firms, and professional services firms in North America and around the world. Our research is quoted widely in the business and tech press and in major news publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Effective 2020, Computer Economics became a service of Avasant Research.

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Our research publications, all available through the Avasant website, provide IT metrics in six categories along with practical advice backed up by our annual surveys of IT decision-makers:

  1. Budgets and Spending: How much do IT organizations spend, and what do they spend it on? Our IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study, published annually since 1990, is the definitive source of IT spending ratios, such as IT spending as a percentage of revenue and related metrics for over 20 industry and government sectors.

  2. Staffing and Salaries: How many staff members do IT organizations have, in what positions, and what do they pay them? Our IT staffing ratios reports provide staffing metrics on 16 IT job functions, and our IT Salary Report provides compensation data for over 70 IT jobs in more than 400 US metropolitan areas and 20 industry sectors.

  3. Technology Adoption: What technologies are IT organizations investing in? Our annual Technology Trends study and detailed reports provide an overview of current adoption trends, investment trends, ROI/TCO, and customer experience for a variety of new and popular technologies.

  4. IT Management Best Practices: How well do IT organizations manage their own internal processes? Our annual study on IT Management Best Practices and related reports, give details on the current state of maturity for over 30 IT practices found within the best-run IT organizations.

  5. Outsourcing Statistics: What IT functions are organizations outsourcing, and to what extent? Our annual IT Outsourcing Statistics study and related reports provide an overview and detailed analysis of current trends and customer experience in outsourcing 11 IT functions.

  6. Equipment Valuations: Our IT valuations database and related reports provide data on typical vendor discount levels, current fair market values, and residual value forecasts for computer hardware.

Benchmarking and Consulting Services

To supplement and apply our research publications, we also provide consulting services to assist our clients in their decision-making. These include our custom benchmarking services, including IT spend benchmarking, TCO and spend transparency analysis, IT staffing and salary benchmarking, IT infrastructure services benchmarking, digital and application services benchmarking, BPO services benchmarking, and IT contract benchmarking for cloud enterprise agreements and software licenses.

In addition, through our parent company, Avasant, we offer wide set of business and IT consulting services, including strategic sourcing consulting, digital transformation consulting, business transformation consulting, and supply chain consulting services.

Affordable Access

Computer Economics subscriptions are available through Avasant Research at a fraction of the price of a single seat for one of the major IT research firms, and most analyst support is provided at no additional charge.